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United Coconut Chemicals, Inc. or COCOCHEM is a modern cocochemical plant located on a 42-hectare coastal site in Bauan, Batangas, 110 kilometers south of Manila.

COCOCHEM is the country's leading manufacturer of oleochemicals. With an abundant supply of coconut products (located in the Philippines which is the largest coconut producing nation). COCOCHEM uses local coconut oil as its only feedstock. The company's corporate aim is to lead the national effort in increasing the downstream utilization of coconut oil and contribute to the worldwide efforts to increase the use of natural oils in the production of higher value-added products.

A team of 168 highly technically skilled Filipino professionals make up the company's workforce. Of these, 148 are based in the main plant, ensuring a year-round the clock production and supply of coco-based chemicals and products.

Competence and a high level of professionalism are characteristics of the people behind COCOCHEM . Its employees enjoy continuing productivity improvement training seminars to update them on the latest technology in their respective areas of duty.



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