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The Industrial Park

Cocochem Agro-Industrial Park Inc. (CAIP) covers a strategically located property in CAIP-SEZ Brgy. San Antonio, San Pascual, Batangas which spans 42 hectares. It is a new special economic zone (ECOZONE) specially planned to meet the demands of both local and foreign investors.

CAIP is the ideal site for locators who are particularly involved with oleochemical and coconut-/palm oil based products. These multi-layered complementations and linkages ensure proximity to suppliers and customers. The benefits of an industrial growth such as CAIP are as diverse as the economic gains it would spell for the country. Moreover, CAIP has a stable source of manpower since Batangas is home to hardworking and highly-skilled people. Investing locators are assured of adequate infrastructures that include the availability of pier facilities as well as other utilities that meet all their basic needs.

Being one with nature has always been the thrust of Cocochem and the birth of the new Cocochem Agro-Industrial Park signifies the desire to further uplift the preservation of our environment and the vision of achieving a more stable economy.


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