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COCOCHEM is the first in the region to produce fatty alcohols via the fatty acid route using the German-based Lurgi-designed process. This keeps the company equipped with the latest advances in coconut oil downstream technology.

Major processes include: fat splitting, fatty acid distillation, fractionation and saponification; fatty alcohol hydrogenation, distillation and fractionation; and glycerine evaporation, distillation and bleaching.

The technology makes possible a plant capacity of approximately 36,000 MT of fatty alcohol, 55,000 MT of fatty acid, 12,000 MT of glycerine and 7,200 MT of soap noodles where indigenous crude and processed coconut oil is used.

The operating sections are supported by other auxiliaries, such as the hydrogen plant, nitrogen section, utility plant, power plant, laboratory, and mechanical, electrical and instrumentation workshops.



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