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Processed from coconut oil, COCOCHEM's products are certified as Kosher and Halal.

  • PHILACID - produced by splitting coconut oil using high pressure steam, fatty acids find major application in soaps, cosmetics, detergents, alkyd resins, and rubber formulations, as well as in the manufacture of textile, leather and paper auxiliaries, lubricants, methyl esters, and many other derivatives. Fatty acids include whole-distilled, short-chain, topped coconut fatty acid and single fractions lauric and myristic acid.
  • PHILCOHOL - produced by hydrogenating topped fatty acids, fatty alcohols are used in personal care products, toiletries, cosmetics, and detergent formulations, and in the manufacture of textile and leather auxiliaries, plasticizers and fatty amines. Products include C12-C18, mid-cut, long chain and single cuts lauryl, cetyl, and stearyl alcohols.
  • PURESS 997 - refined glycerine, 99.7% min, USP, finds wide application in toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverage, food, alkyd resin, perfumery, tobacco and special soaps production.
  • PHILSAVON - made from a blend of selected cuts of fatty acids, soap base as noodles is used in high quality beauty, bath and baby soaps. Philsavon has less short chain fatty acid and thus, is potentially less irritating. Its high content of lauric and myristic acid gives more foam and since it is super-fatted, it generally lowers pH of soap.

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