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Safety Precautions

Oleochemicals are generally classified as non-hazardous, being non-toxic and not susceptible to spontaneous heating, in accordance with definitions set forth by existing laws and regulations. Nevertheless, normal precautions should be observed for the safe handling and storage of these chemicals.

Normal safety precautions for fatty acids and fatty alcohols include the following:

  • Store away from open flames.
    Fatty acids and fatty alcohols have relatively high flash points but they can also burn on prolonged contact with open flames. Foam, powder, or CO2 is recommended in case of a fire.
  • Store away from strong oxidizing agents.
    Oleochemicals, just like any other organic substance, may react violently with some strong oxidizing agents.
  • Avoid ingestion.
    Fatty acids and fatty alcohols, although non-toxic, are not normally intended for human consumption.
  • Avoid inhalation.
    Vapors may cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract although no harm to health is likely. Wearing of safety respiratory gadgets is recommended during handling particularly at elevated temperatures.
  • Avoid skin contact.
    Prolonged skin contact may cause slight skin irritation. Wearing of protective clothing such as lab gowns, gloves, etc. are recommended especially for people with sensitive skin. Wash skin with soap and water upon contact.
  • Avoid eye exposure.
    Wearing of protective goggles or safety glasses is recommended when handling fatty acids and fatty alcohols. If accidentally instilled into the eyes, these chemicals may produce slight but transient eye irritation. Immediately rinse thoroughly with water and get medical care.

For glycerine, storage precautions cited above should also be observed. Glycerine is absolutely non-irritating and require only standard handling practices.

All products of UNITED COCONUT CHEMICALS, INC. are made from natural materials and are biodegradable.


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